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Penny Ndlovu Head-shots

Having known Penny for some time now it was great to meet up and assist her with head-shots for her portfolio. Her agent suggested that she take professional photos as Penny is a radio personality and an aspiring tv personality. Click on the photo to see more of her photos and a breakdown of the AvJstudio process.

Here is a breakdown shot of one of her photographs

WHY headshots

This form of photography showcases you as the product. A person have 43 muscles in the face to express emotion and casting directors, producers, writers, directors, filmmakers etc. use your headshot to determine if you have the physical attributes for a particular role/position. a Good headshot should contain a persons character with a glance.

AvJstudio Headshot session

At AvjStudio we work with a minimum of 3 hours for 6 final high resolution photographs. Our rate of R350 p/h is very competitive. You also don’t need fair skin as the chosen photographs do go through a touch up process. The only process that is not included is the make-up session but for more information you can contact us. Share this email using the links above with somebody you think might be interested.