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AvJstudio 3D Visualization process

The Typical process of any 3D Visualization project starts with you sending
a request accompanied with your design and any files that would help determine
the amount of hours for 3D modeling and production preparations. The amount of
final rendered images also factors into the final quote. After the quoted
estimate is agreed upon and the invoice deposit is paid, 3D greys are signed of
and textured raw images are previewed. The Final raw rendered image(s) are then
put through the post production phase and delivered digitally.


20 Oct, 2013  

Highrise appartment Interiors

Architectural visualization gives the ability to give life to a space that only exists with an idea. These 3D interiors were modelled from 2D CAD drawings. There after the client requested the paces to be transformed into Modern, Classical, Retro and African designs. This is achieved by placing 3D digital furniture and matching colour schemes. Because the furniture is digital the client was able to replace any piece without hussle and have instant gratification.



20 Oct, 2013  

De Bunte

One of the more ‘Out there’ Architecture Visualization projects I created at the company in holland. The big thatched roof is a unique design and drew plenty of attention with the flats selling out quickly. Modeling from Cad drawings, it took some time to figure out this one, but in the end
the Visualization was spot on with the end result as you will find in the links below.


20 Oct, 2013  

Shutterboard and facebrick

This Visualization helped in showing the various finishes between the different shutter board
colours and face-brick finishes for the various “Rijtjeshuis” (Terraced/Town houses), a very
important design aspect within the dutch culture and community.


20 Oct, 2013  

Blankenborch - Vianen

Similar to the Dutch Residential streets post,
here a box cladded with face-brick depicts the modern architectural style found
in Holland with clean space design and big grass lawns. This image was created
for the company that I worked at in Holland.

20 Oct, 2013  

Dutch Residential

Created when I were working for a company in Holland, these Architectural visualization images depicts the typical dutch residential designs of face-brick and brick roads with clean crisp landscaping designs. The the dutch architecture design here are “Twee onder een kap”  (Semi-detached) and “Rijtjeshuis”(Terraced/Town houses)

18 Oct, 2013  

Anièke Hoöman

Anièke Hoöman, a young woman who conquered a life threatening phase

01 Oct, 2013